As I finished the day with our team meeting, one thought keep daunting on me of how powerful a mastermind group can help shape your life

One of the most important factors in the achievement of any goal beyond your current capacity is the quality of what Napoleon Hill referred to as your “Mastermind Group.” This is 1-5 people who are absolutely aligned with your goals, intentions, and values. This group must be consulted at least once a week, and all members confer on the current goals and plans and what has been done to move toward them.

The application of this principle to Lifewriting is clear and simple. Remember the most important Mastermind principle: you must have complete harmony on the matter of our goals and intentions. Therefore, it is better to have only one person who is actually aligned with you than four or five who bicker.

1) First start with YOURSELF. And here is another arena in which meditation is beautiful. Develop an internal scale for the “light” or “warmth” or however else you represent an internal state which, when reached during your morning meditation, seems to provide you with greater balance during the day. Greater energy. Measure it from 1-10. Set a time frame, say 15 minutes. Keep a journal. In 15 minutes of meditation, on a scale of 1-10, how deeply into your “zone” did you get? If you keep track of other factors–diet, exercise, dreams, etc.–your subconscious will, over time, start figuring out how to give you deeper and better experiences.
2) Once you have a “number” that represents to you a bedrock of emotional health (say, 8), see how long it takes you to reach that number reliably. You might take one or two days a week and go more deeply into your meditation. NOTE: for many people, the first 20 minutes are filled with garbage, and only AFTER twenty minutes are you in the actual zone. For these, you might need to set 30 minute blocks. However, even 1 minute, 5 times a day is infinitely better than nothing. Start seeing how swiftly you can get to a level “8″, and then stay there for at least 5 minutes. You might try keeping a stopwatch by the side of your meditation mat. Meditate. When you reach a cool, clear (or warm–however you represent it), bright, light, whatever space, stop the timer. How long was that? Write it down, then go back to your meditation. Ask your subconscious to help you decrease this time.
3) When you are in this space (“8″ or above) you should be able to detach from your ego a bit, and look at your life without the usual pain. Ask yourself what were your deepest, best intentions about life as a child? As a young adult? To what degree do they align? To what degree are these goals healthy and appropriate?
4) If the beliefs are healthy and appropriate, then ask yourself to what degree your daily actions are in alignment with the goals. Short and long term goals, of course–we need both. It may be painful to realize how “out of touch” we are with our real goals. This is all right. Pain is good, if you pay attention to it. It teaches us. This is why drugs and pointless entertainments are dangerous–they anesthetize us to our pain, the very indicators that something must be done. What would happen if you lost the ability to tell when your body was injured? It would deteriorate rapidly. And so will your life.
5) When you can clearly see your original goals, and your current goals, and your short and long term goals… all of this can be represented by your subconscious as, for instance, a golden braid. It may be knotted or tattered, but when you can visualize it, you are coming along beautifully.
6) See this golden braid (or however you represent it) flowing up your spine. Go one major energy center or chakra at a time: your goals in body, heart, and mind must all be in alignment, not conflicting with each other.

As you begin this process, you will find all kinds of dark patches, knots, hot spots–it is amazing the way your subconscious will represent emotional damage to you. As you start working in the direction of your goal, as you meditate, what was once a clear area might turn into a garbage dump. Wow! What an incredibly literal symbol, eh?

Do you have a mastermind group? If not, find and JOIN one TODAY!

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Mastermind Away!

Start and finish that project you’ve been procrasinating on, accomplish that goal you’ve been dreaming of…whatever it maybe, a good mastermind group can help you with your journey, be open to receive and LEARN.


I don’t know about you but everyday I wake up, first thing I do is to turn on my food for though audio to jumpstart my day. My favorite personal development motivators of all times Jim Rohn, if you have not heard of this man, google him. He will change your life.

How Would you Spend your Dollar that will RETIRE you EARLY?

Never spend more than 70 cents, why? You may ask…I’m glad you asked, if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyways.

Secrets of 30 cents: how you should spend your 30 cents1.

1. Your first 10 cents for ACTIVE capital (put your money to work: ). If you need some insights, please check out the video in the header, you can get start TODAY less than $1/day.

2. Your 2nd 10 cents will go to PASSIVE Capital (let someone else use your money where you can earn a return for using your money)

3.  10 cents for CHARITY, giving back to your community, help those who can’t help themselves (give a voice, hope for those who are not as fortunate as you are)

How would you spend Your Dollar?

Your financial journey begins on how you can wisely allocate your   30 cents. This will not only tremendously affect your income but it will also affect your life overall and others that you reach out to help.

You deserve to live your dream, if you can do this with one dollar, can you imagine how fast you can retire early if you can apply this same concept to your current now? We all know we make more than $1 right.

As I’m waiting to board my plane to Cambodia for charity mission, I am not only motivated but excited with the thought of how many more victims I can help off the streets if I can double, triple my current income. Guys, there are bigger things than anyone of us, so next time when you are on the fence on doing anything that will significant change your financial life, think of those out there who are not as fortunate and you can help change their life forever. Will you join me on this journey to change people’s lives.

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So start TODAY, NOW, at the very moment, take this concept and apply it to your life


Your WORD is all YOU HAVE!


How much does your word mean to others and especially to yourself? If you expect others to take you seriously, you might want to look inside and ask yourself.


Do you trust your words? How can you ask people to trust your words if you can’t event trust your own?

Make money blogging

Wow. That single thing, the ability to say you will do something and KNOW that you will keep your word to yourself and to others is an incredible key to success. It is one of the most important things to teach our children, and we so often forget to give it proper place in our own adult lives.

Start today. Make a promise about your own behavior: blog daily for the next 90 days. To call a different business contact daily for a month. To listen more than you speak for a month. To walk two miles every day for a month.

And then DO IT, one of my favorite commercial of all time tag line of Nike, no matter how hard it gets. It isn’t about the activity—it is about being able to trust yourself. Without that, you have nothing at all.

So set out today, FINISH IT is my tag line, no matter how small the task, promise you make, just FINISH what you say you will do. Can you imagine where you’d be, what you have if you had kept all of your words to yourself, to your loved ones, friends…?

When you speak, make it matter, otherwise, be quite and LISTEN.

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If you think YOU CAN...YOU'RE RIGHT


We all heard of this phrase, if you think you CAN, you’re right, if you think you CAN’T, you’re RIGHT. As corny as it sounds, I am a true believer of this and have used this concept personally.

I never really understood how powerful this concept is until just 8 years ago when I decided to join a cross country team. And yes I hated running at that time, I got injured from tennis and couldn’t find myself not belong in a sports team while healing. So I thought to myself, if I can’t use my arm well, I will use my legs. I remember vividly, my first day to practice at 2PM at our regular meeting place on the track. Although I was in great shape and have always been very active and healthy most of my life, I was nervous about running.

Running free, free runnin


It got worse when coach said, let’s go you know what to do, go with the routine warm up of 3 miles. I thought for myself, what in the world, 3 miles for warm up. I never even ran more than 1 mile without stopping, let alone 3 for a freaking warm up. You got to be kidding me. But I kept my cool and went along, didn’t want to look like a wussy with my peers being an athlete and all. I went along with the team, did well the first mile but then my legs started to cramp at mile 2, I told myself keep going, don’t be a wussy, just keep tagging along and until I knew it. I finished the warm up routine with team top five runners. Not only I didn’t feel anymore pain, I felt great surprisingly and never felt so proud of myself of what seems an insignificant action. This is what I call free running, running freely of what’s in your head but just focus on finishing. Will you finish that task, that goal, that dream that you have set out for today, 2 years ago? JUST FINISH

So the moral of the story is, this statement as corny as it sounds, it’s POWERFUL. I challenge you, starting at the very moment that you are reading this, begin to TELL yourself that you CAN. I challenge you to turn something what IS into something what you WISH TO BE. Imagine how great your life can be when you can create and make things happen as you think of from small to large.

Thank you for reading and I hope my story will pick you up and encourage you to take action to whatever it is that you dream to accomplish in your life. It all starts with I CAN. If you enjoy my post, you can subscribe to my RSS left corner and will you please share with others? Are you running free of your goals, your dreams?

Keep telling yourself every morning when you get up, I CAN, I CAN, I CAN, I CAN…. for whatever it is you want to accomplish that day, that week, that month, that year…

Until next time, be kind and keep believing in YOURSELF

Remember my free running story.

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